Automated Solutions

Providing the right solution for the right job can help simplify operations and reduce costs for years. Thomson works with the best to make a comprehensive design that will provide value today and tomorrow.

Every partner/customer is unique. Thomson management and engineers help develop the right solution design to reduce costs and optimize supply chain performance based on the needs of your products and your supply chain. Thomson's experience in implementing and maintaining automated solutions spans over 20 years. Our maintenance department has been geared to perform preventative maintenance, regulatory analysis and service on all our systems. Solutions include automated put-away systems (pallet runners), unloading truck loads by automated conveyor belt systems, wrapping and tagging systems, trailer loaders, automated building design to maintain temperature control and order fulfillment systems.

Benefits of our solutions:

  • • Increase in labour productivity
  • • Optimized inventory control
  • • Increased speed and accuracy in order fulfillment
  • • Improvement in order accuracy
  • • Maximize square footage
  • • Real-time visibility
  • • Improves inventory control
  • • Decrease in inventory
  • • Reduces labour costs
  • • Reduces operating costs



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