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Retail solutions based on market demands and customer expectations

Thomson currently works with every aspect of the retail market. Whether receiving products from overseas via container, delivering FTL to over 200 retail stores a day, or providing overall leadership in building and operating a national distribution center, Thomson has the experience in doing so.

As the retail industry becomes more complex with global sourcing, customer demands and product requirements, so does the supply chain. To keep up with today's challenges and tomorrow's needs, Thomson invests heavily in R&D, technology, best practices, and training. Our scalable, flexible solutions meet and exceed our clients KPI’s.

Over the past decade Thomson has developed the most comprehensive container de-stuffing service in the nation. Receiving products from every major continent in the world and getting them ready for market is a valuable service we provide for our clients. We offer quality assurance programs developed specifically for individual products. We currently provide quality control for manufacturing defects, packaging, regulations, language laws, and all by-laws of trade.


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