High Value merchandise and products

Your product's security is our highest priority. Custom solutions based on your security needs.

Thomson offers a variety of high security programs for high value products. These programs include secure yards, secure route planning and secure storage of goods. Our security features include, but are not limited to, 24 hour security guards, video surveillance, barbwire perimeters, gated and secure entrance points.

Our tractors and trailers are equiped with GPS and/or veriwise systems to track and trace our shipments. Geo-facing perimeters can be set up around pickup and delivery points allowing for real-time notification of shipment activity which is displayed in our state-of-the-art dispatch system. Within Thomson’s 'Total Quality Management System', we have a security component including our C-TPAT, ACE, PIP and FAST certifications for the safe transport and storage of goods. Thomson was given a Tier 3 Rating on its secure facilities with zero recommendations from the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

When security is needed, Thomson delivers customized solutions based on product and level of security. Thomson has been involved with the alcohol, tobacco, electronics, and high valued garment industry for more then 10 years. Thomson will meet and exceed expectations in your security needs involving in crossing the border or warehousing the product in secured cages with 24 hour surveillance.


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