Thomson employees are specialists in their fields and we recruit the highest caliber employees; dedicated, creative and innovative.  We pride ourselves on housing a team of the most respected in the logistics industry.

When Thomson recruits, we recruit the very best.  We source employees that are energetic, innovate, great problem solvers and are team players.  We service the world’s biggest and best companies, and as such it warrants that our employees must reflect the same.  Our dealing with a variety of accounts and products from leading retailers and manufactures gives our employees a competitive edge, gaining valuable experience unlike any other.

Thomson is a privately held company and a true success story.  In 1985, Jim and Sally Thomson had a vision to develop a truly unique company. Built by pride and integrity Thomson Terminals Limited, has exceeded all expectations al while maintaining a clear focus on growth and making sure to do what is right for our customers.  Our company is built on a sound value system.  Pride, integrity, commitment, resilience and most respect our the values we search for in our employees.


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