Value-Added Solutions and Co-packing

Kitting & Final Assembly

Thomson currently builds a variety of kits, display units & assembly services aimed at improving timelines, production costs and order processing for our customers. Thomson has considerable experience in inventory assembly services for routine club packs and regular SKU creation for on-demand operations where kits are assembled as orders are generated.  Our quality procedures ensure that customer’s products are handled to ensure control of hazards.

Pick and Pack

Thomson currently provides pick and pack operations in many of our locations. Pick and pack services is the breaking down of a pallet into cases and shipping individual cases to fulfill orders. This can include creating value or discount packs for club stores and promotional items. Picking individual items (packs or inner packs) from cases for order building or carton creation can be done to meet customer requirements.


Thomson offers mass automated and hand applied generated RF and RFID labels. Thomson has designed and implemented hundreds of label solutions for many clients and products. Regardless of size of product or need, Thomson can develop a solution for you to help increase inventory control and order accuracy and move towards a paper-less and traceable process.



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