One of Thomson’s mandates is to provide an advantage for our customers through superior service and reliability. We achieve this by investing constantly in our people and equipment. Our fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and our drivers are among the most respected. The addition of new technology is an ongoing objective. Research and testing of new products ensure our customers receive the benefits of the latest technology.

Our world class maintenance facility and program monitors our trucks through (ECM) Electronic Control Modules that track fuel, engine performance, and idling times. This system provides additional control and governs the speed of each tractor. This information is downloaded from each tractor and stored in our maintenance data base to obtain performance reports. In our quest to go Green, we’ve added APU generators to our bunk trucks, which are not only quiet but produce the least amount of emissions while running the interior AC and power.

Thomson is an asset based company and is proud to state we own 100% of our fleet.

Thomson currently has over 280 tractors and 620 trailers. The average age of our tractors is 2 years old. The average age of trailer is 3 years old.

Tractors include: bunk trucks and day cabs, and heavy haulers
Type: Volvo, Peterbilt, Mack and International.

Trailers include: 48’ Quads, 48’ Tri-axles, 53’ Dry Tandem, 53’ Tridem, 53’ Quad Axle, 53’ Reefer Tridem, 53’ Reefer Tandem
Type: Wabash, Utility

Equipment Links:

Volvo Canada

Wabash Canada

International Trucks

Continental Tires

Mack Trucks

Peterbilt Trucks

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