Corporate Citizenship

Community Giving

Giving back to the communities in which Thomson does its business is a fundamental value and belief.  Over the years Thomson has striven to improve overall well being and community living through contributions to local and international charities. The following list is a small sampling of the organizations we have supported over the years on our own and in concert with our customers:

Kids Help Phone                                  Children’s Miracle Network

Big Brothers Big Sisters                      United Way

MS Society                                           Trillium Health Centers


Work Place Safety and Compliance

The health and safety of all employees throughout the network of the company will continue to remain our primary operational concern.  Thomson is an equal opportunity employer.  All employees will have equal opportunity and be treated with fairness and respect.  Thomson will foster an atmosphere that encourages teamwork, creativity and personal growth.  The training required to achieve and maintain the company’s quality standards in servicing our clients' business will be identified and provided.  Thomson employees are encouraged to contribute to company-wide quality improvement.  Exemplary employee contributions are recognized and rewarded.


Environment & Policy

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Thomson works diligently to reduce our environmental footprint through continually implementing the newest ‘green’ technology and fostering a work environment which respects our commitment to the environment.


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